Ajax Call using Alloy UI

Lately I was trying to get data back from response once the Ajax Call is complete. There were few examples and i couldnt find them conclusive enough.  Here is the snippet of MVC Portlet in Liferay 6.  In this example i am sending a AJAX request with parameters and then getting few parameter back from response using Alloy UI Ajax Call.


Following is the code, from the JSP file which makes an AJAX Call.
Alloy UI Call, JSP Snippet

MVC Portlet Class

Following is the code from MVC Portlet.

MVC Portlet Serve Resource Method



Feel free to email me or comment for further questions.

– Thanks
Arvind Mishra


2 thoughts on “Ajax Call using Alloy UI

  1. I tried this example in Firefox and IE. It’s working in Firefox and IE8. But not in IE7. I have to make AUI ajax in IE 7. Is it supported.

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