Liferay 6.1 Release Candidate, Installation

As liferay 6.1 RC is released, i thought of giving it a quick try. Here are the new steps you will notice once you install and start the tomcat beside the regular installation steps mentioned in this article Quick Installation Instructions.

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Liferay 6.1 New Features

Last week i was at Liferay West Coast Symposium at Anaheim,CA.  Here are few the new features which are scheduled to release in Liferay 6.1

  1. Dynamic Data List for Business Users: You can define the data list and then end users can populate it as a web form. Admin can generate report, export the list data also
  2. Integrated Document Library and Images Gallery  with ability to mount additional repositories. Major UI overhaul, ability to preview documents.
  3. Liferay Sync to sync documents library across Mobile, Desktop and Portal
  4. Content Relationship: For ex, while creating a blog , you can specify an article / image / document relating to that blog
  5. Customizable pages on a site. User can customize certain portions of the page.
  6. New Kaleo Workflow designer 
Some of the new portlets included are:
  • Dynamic Data List Display
  • Dynamic Data List Form
  • Documents and Media Display
  • Recently Downloaded Documents
  • Related Assets
  • Recent Content
Over the next few days i would try to elaborate each of these features in details.