Liferay6 Preview – Site Templates

Liferay 6 offers feature of Site Templates , where in you can design a site template . Using the newly designed template you can create multiple communities and organization on the fly. Just apply the template  while creating those communities .

Site templates is nothing but a community which will act as a template for new communities. It will have Pages , Portlets , Content just as a regular community can.

Here are the steps to create a site template and create a community using the newly created site template.

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Liferay East Coast Symposium 2010

We are approaching to Liferay  east coast symposium very soon.Those who are still not aware can follow the event at Liferay East Coast Symposium 2010.

Its my pleasure to announce that Youngsoft Inc is the platinum sponsor this year. One of our consultant will be presenting case study on his client also.There will be lot of information at our demo booth .I will also be present there on both the days. Please do plan to drop by our demo booth and personally I would love to meet any of you during the event.

feel free to reach me @,

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